Friday, February 8, 2013

Hillary’s War/ Chickified Do or Die- The Art of a Cover-up & Women in Full Combat Mode

By: A. H. Pinley

The day was September 11, 2012. Place was the United States Consulate Building, Benghazi, Libya. September 11, or 9/11 holds a lot of value for different reasons depending on what side of the coin you find yourself on. For me, the value of that day in our nations’ history as I’m sure I’m not alone in this realization that our country is at war with those that hate freedom and reminded me that our world is small place. 

Our American ideals are not favored by those that use fear to corral their people. In fact, these terrorist or some may see them as freedom fighters feel that American freedoms are a threat to Radical Islam’s rule of law, Sharia Law. So that was the prime mover behind September 11, 2001 and the eleventh anniversary. Not some poorly done movie by a guy in California that is still currently behind bars for supposed parol violations or some demonstration that so happens got out of control. 

This is the problem we as a nation face when our leaders, our higher ups have no experience in command or in charge of anything. Military experience is viewed as unimportant and if they do have military experience they use it as a tool to win re-election, but not as a tool to make strong foreign policy decisions. Anyone with any military experience would tell you to remain vigilant, and not get complacent. Complacency along with hesitation kills Americans. 

What causes the “Wizards of Smart” to call this attack anything else but terrorism? I get wanting to have all of your information in order before reporting on an event that took the lives of four Americans, but why run against our First Amendment Right? Why blame America first before our enemies? This administration and a majority of the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) have made it their mission to destroy everything America stands for, because some how America is an embarrassment to them and somehow the Bible, the Constitution, our national colors rails against their true identity, they’re socialist. 

It took far too long for the Obama Administration to get on the same page and call this act for what it is, an act of terror against America. Why such the slow response? Why was so much emphasis being paid to this B-Movie that mocked Muhammad and the religion of Islam? What does it matter?   

I think it’s only appropriate to point out Hillary’s success. Besides how is success measured this day and age? Mrs. Clinton had this to say, “the traditional way of doing diplomacy was not good enough for the crisis the Obama team inherited.” And if we look towards her boss it definitely wasn’t measured by debt reduction, but that’s a different issue. Let’s have a look. 

Under Hillary’s leadership as the Secretary of State, Iraq has not improved, Afghanistan is going back to Taliban control, Egypt is in flames once again, Syria is in the middle of a civil war, Benghazi saw an ambassador killed and the cover-up still carries on, Algeria,  U.S. Embassy attacked in Turkey, not to mention Ahmadinejad has went unopposed to build a nuclear weapon because he has a right to possess such weapon. What can be said about N. Korea? Under Obama and with Hillary, the world has not become less violent, but  less safe. An Arab Spring.       

Anyways, what does it matter? Secretary Hillary Clinton had what we can call an Executive Privilege handed down to her by no other than Obama himself by means of a stomach flu, which turned into dehydration, which led to a bump on the head, then turned into a blood clot in the brain, what are we to believe? Was Hillary Clinton, which is eying a run for the White House in 2016 need I remind you, withholding information that was incriminating and potentially lethal, politically speaking, for the POTUS re-election chances? Was Mrs. Clinton by request of the WH stalling long enough in hopes that the black eye dealt to Obama’s lack luster security and response to such an attack to lose steam? One is left to believe that to be the case, that out of Obama’s dismal foreign policy blunders Americans died on his watch. 

Mind you, the B-Movie guy is still behind bars. And not much will be done to bring those in the WH responsible for such a breakdown in security to any degree of accountability. So using the same vein, Leon Penetta lifted the ban that kept females from fighting on the frontline. I’m totally in favor of the whole idea, but I’m not  in total agreement neither.

Women have been serving in the United States Military in some form or fashion since the American Revolution War, but not assigned to actually being part of the frontline known as a Grunt or infantryman. Ever since this whole equality debate started in Washington, the word equal has taken on a new meaning.   

You see Washington has a way of framing the debate or their decisions on making people feel inferior to others. Envious, like you’re missing out on something big and everyone is in on it. Well my remarks may come across as sexist, but I’ll deal with that. 

When then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the ban on women serving in infantry units would be lifted I think it were more of a feel good decision more than anything. No one in the united states is questioning the patriotism or love for country of women. Like I said this was a feel good move. 

Do women have a role in the military? Sure, just not on a assault team. Doesn’t mean women are any less important or less patriotic than men, it just means they have other roles to fill for the over all objective, mission accomplishment. The military has two primary functions, 1. Mission accomplishment 2. Troop welfare and both of these things risk to be jeopardized in the name of fairness, equality. 

I think it’s important to point out a few things. How would your body function if it were made up of nothing more than right arms? It wouldn’t. So is it safe to say that the left arm is as important as the right arm? The same can be said in this case. Just because women don’t find 0300 next to their name doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable towards the mission as a whole. Infantry can not function without the support element and the command element. Auto pilot works great for aircraft, but in a military setting not the case. 

When we understand that things are not equal when it comes to talking about physical ability, but equal to when filling less stress related roles that pay great value to the over all mission, we’ll be able move beyond this phantom war on women only materializing under Democrat leadership. Men and women are not the same, no matter how much the mainstream media tries to convince you otherwise, we are not the same. 

No offense, but in my humble opinion women don’t belong on the frontline. God bless the United States and those that defend Her.  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

No One Is Successful But Through Me

By: A. H. Pinley

Although it’s not all that new, we’ve had a season of redefining. Redefining everything from marriage, to what really makes an illegal immigrant illegal, to what leads people to committing violent crimes with guns (race and ideology), and the true nature of our free enterprise economy. Redefining in order to fulfill an agenda that will forever change the prospective of marriage, immigration, gun control and our economy. 

Not all that long ago our Commander in Chief made a statement while talking to a group of supporters in Roanoke, Virginia that really rocked the sound byte world, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.” 

Then the president proceeded to dig a deeper hole by saying, “because someone invested in roads and bridges.” Like roads and bridges make all of the difference. What came first, the business or the road? An age old question for the modern world. 

The real vulture capitalist are among the Democrat Party, in example, Warren Buffet and CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt. How much does the average employee make at GE or how about those that work for Warren Buffet? It’s none of my business, but sometime ago Ole Warren made it our business when he came out saying why should he be paying less in taxes than his secretary? Well how much does he pay his secretary(maybe $200-$500 k)? And then again, none of my business, but Buffet was challenging the tax code. Mr. Buffet was not completely honest. 

Well, you know Buffet pays himself a million dollar salary just so he doesn’t have to pay all the income taxes on the money his enterprise makes, but that is not my argument. My argument is the notion that the American Entrepreneur can’t get anywhere without the federal government or the consumer. Granted there may be a degree of truth to that, but the brilliant mind behind the idea was all their own. If an individual is able to materialize their idea, their burning passion into something that generates money, my hat’s off to them.

The president followed up with his statement in Virginia with, “They must think they’re really smart, but there are a lot of smart people.” I don’t think that is the thinking of those that come up with a good idea that society wants. I ask, where is the president’s experience in creating a product that society wants? It doesn’t exist. 

Just yesterday (August 11, 2012), Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney chose Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate for assuming the duties of the White House this November. Many on the “Left” scoff at the idea of a Romney Administration to then top it off with “Throw Your Grandma Off The Cliff” Ryan, well that is just plain scary. Well I say electing President Obama to a second term is scary. No fear of re-election. Clearly hasn’t shown any ability to reverse the tide of debt. Sure many will blame the two wars in the middle-east and tax cuts to the rich, but truthfully the president doesn’t possess the know how to get America out of debt or he refuses to do the right thing. 

When did profit become a bad word? Profit, then turned into investment or reinvestment comes in many shapes and forms. It can come in the form of hiring or simply giving an outstanding employee a raise in order to retain their professionalism or their hard work ethic. 
Profits turned investment for the private practice comes in the form of new equipment and first class training so to be at the top of their game. 

Profits also is a companies way of bailing themselves out of a tight spot without the aid from a third party or having to file for bankruptcy protection. Taxing corporations, big or small, mandating that they must pay the employee this amount of money and pay for healthcare eliminates their capital to where now they are more volatile to economic slow-downs. Placing higher taxes on the business owner only translates into three things, less hiring, smaller benefit packages for those that offer them, and high cost passed onto the consumer. 

So with Mitt Romney’s choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, we have two men that are more interested in saving America from economic collapse like we are seeing in Europe. Seeing that the Democrats have had their panties in a bunch since the 2010 mid-term elections, I expect to see more of the same attacks that really never deal with President Obama’s lack luster performance. I have never received a job from a poor man, so why push this narrative? To put American against American. 

God bless America and those that defend Her...   

On Race and Slavery

By:  A. H. Pinley

It’s hard to believe after four years in office that President Obama would still be allotted to use the “Bush Card”. Throughout the course of this failed administration things haven’t really gotten any better. For two groups the appearance of the changing tide can be misleading and damaging in the long run, but the President isn’t worried about the long run, he’s only worried about one thing, him. 

The Liberal Left and the “Open Borders” crowd have assumed that all illegals are of latin descent. To assert that racial profiling will dominate while enforcing “federal immigration laws” is to believe that the police department is made up of nothing more than inherently racist by nature “white people”. In some precincts what are the chances of pulling over a person of  latin descent? What are the chances of being pulled over by a inherently racist by nature white cop? 

The problem here is, Liberal America, along with many so called civil rights groups have created this false and misleading image of those that have sworn to serve and protect. A white cop can not pull over a car of Latinos without civil rights groups and newspapers (i.e. Newtimes) calling it racial profiling. Are they not profiling cops themselves? 

With the latest ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on Arizona’s law SB 1070, the ruling was clear, the police have a right to know whom they’re dealing with on a lawful stop. The false image of cops just pulling over to a crowd of Latinos and asking for papers is false. And by activist groups reporting falsehoods in order to keep money flowing in from these “In the Shadows” people is in itself theft. 

The same tactic was used by the Democrats to keep the black community in a modern day form of slavery. The federal government has destroyed the black family through means of welfare and no way out. Black civil rights activist such Jesse and Al have made millions off of the black community by keeping racism in America alive. At some point the individual has to be bigger than the activist that is calling you helpless or weak and vulnerable.

We have been set free by our creator and those among us try to keep those chains shackled around our ankles. One of those people guilty of creating and encouraging people to exercise civil disobedience and not to comply is the, well I don’t know how he would like to be addressed, President or Community Organizer In Chief. By the President coming out stating that the DOJ will not handle calls from Arizona pertaining to illegal immigrants and asking Eric Holder to watch the State of Arizona and their enforcement on illegal immigration has created an unsafe environment for the citizen and law enforcement. Looking for phantom civil rights violations in hopes to further the Alinsky style unrest, President Obama and the Open Borders crowd has taking over immigration enforcement. 

These Dreamers have been filled with an all or nothing mentality. They will become the new entitlement class that believes all is theirs. I support the immigration process, having to go through it myself. We cannot as a civilized society pick and choose what laws we want to enforce. We are a nation of laws and to grant permission for a group of people to sidestep these laws is unlawful and should be called out for what it is, criminal. Our immigration system is not perfect, but when you have so many in positions of influence and power telling those that are in the country illegally “it’s okay, I’ll not only make you some what legal, but I’ll make you lifelong Democrats.” Only more of this illegal activity will take place. So much for the letter of the law.    

State of Dependance- The America in a Plastic Bubble

By: A. H. Pinley

Today, on 28th day of June, two thousand and twelfth year of our Lord the United States Supreme Court found the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) found the 2,700 page law indeed constitutional. For America and Her exceptionalism, well that has been swept aside to make room for a bloated, more centralized government. For the supreme court to come out in support out of changing the argument that Obama was saying would be fine to nothing more than a tax is beyond the responsibilities of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court does not legislate from the bench, it is to interpret the U.S. Constitution without fear of public opinion, without political pressure or the image the court is cast in. 

In 2010 when this massive piece of legislation made its way through congress a lot of selling of votes was taking place. Politicians selling their soul for the Obama Administration. The passing did not come without controversy, which was not out of line. The massive bill was not read by the majority of those that were to vote on it into law and it was not read by the Supreme Court Justice. We, the American people received this assurance from then, for good reason, Speaker of the House California Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi left us with these insightful words, “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” You mean to tell me Madam Speaker, you don’t know what you just signed your name to? 

Free healthcare for pimps, prostitutes, street corner drug pushers, for everyone, and oh yeah, even for the illegal (undocumented) immigrant. Free! Free! Free I tell you. The next great plan to drive down healthcare cost and make American more responsible will fund itself without increasing the taxes of the taxpayer. Yeah right.... 

The plan is so good that corporations were awarded exemptions and politicians are exempt as well. If it is such a great piece of legislation, then why didn’t President Obama not run on it up till now? Because it sucks. It guarantees Americans that what crap nanny legislation that is passed in Liberal California and Doomberg’s City of New York will now be imposed on the American People as a whole. 

Obamacare isn’t freedom, it’s a way to channel the herd into one kennel, one option. It’s  a way to create new laws in the name health by outlawing the use of fossil fuels or sugary beverages all the while promoting sex outside of marriage and for kids to explore different sex experiences with those of the same gender or of a greater age. This piece of legislation is nothing more than a gateway to a more restrictive bloated centralized government. 

Covered very little by the always trustworthy news media was that on the same day AG Eric Holder was held in contempt and yes the U.S. Supreme Court shot down a measure that would have made it a crime to claim military awards that were not earned. Another slap to the face of all those that have served. A question to ask yourself when you step into that voting booth this coming November, are we more today as a people than we were four years ago? 

We the people are the last great hope our nation has to offer. It’s long overdue for the American People to regain control of their government. The time is now to throw these bastards and bastardettes out of office, Democrat or Republican.  

Smoking Gun-Ammo for Imposing New Gun Laws

By: A. H. Pinley

What happened on July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado at a local film house in many American eyes was viewed as a tragedy, but for those in the Liberal Political realm and in the always trustworthy investigative news reporting journalism agency this was a time to cast false characterizations and introduce new regulations across the board. 

Like many on-lookers and those that experienced this heinous act of disregard for human life, we are left asking questions like, “Who would do such a thing?”, “Why would someone be so angry to do such a despicable act?”, “How long will the images in my head remain there? Because, I have a feeling the images of dead bodies, the fact of losing my best friend and the sounds and signs of sheer terror fill my head.”

Instead of being committed to investigative journalism, Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos of ABC felt they had enough to go on after 15 minutes of reporting this massacre to go ahead and blame the Tea Party. Both of these guys should lose their jobs over slander and not doing their jobs by gathering the facts before reporting. Measure twice, cut once. The truth is, we know as much today as we knew then. 

Here is what we do know, James Holmes was a very bright young man that seem to have the world in his hands. Promising future in studying the brain. Going to a great college and very soft spoken. So what would set a bright young man such as this to snap? Mental illness(depression)? Drugs? Bored? These details will formulate over the weeks and months to come. So I ask, who politicized the shooting at Century Theaters, Aurora, Colorado?

The first thing many in the anti-2nd Amendment groups start shouting is, “If America didn’t allow private citizens to own guns, this tragedy would have never happened.” The same argument is touted by elected officials and amplified by the news media. An armed society is a safer society.

We here in the Great State of Arizona experienced a similar tragedy down in Tuscan last year at an event put on by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords named “Congress on Your Corner”. Jared Loughner, unlike James Holmes, didn’t have such a bright prospective outlook. Loughner, unlike Holmes showed signs of mental illness before his rampage that took the lives of six and injuring thirteen. Both cases can be argued were premeditated and exhibit having full knowledge of what they were engaging in.

Post-2012 London Olympic Jockeying

By: A. H. Pinley 

For roughly two solid weeks Americans all across the fruited plain have stayed up much later than they should watching the 2012 London Olympics. Cheering on the United States as we, the viewer, sit on the edge of our seats filled with anticipation thinking to ourself, “Will the U.S. pull out another gold medal?” 

Every four years we, the distant spectator, get to observe the summer Olympics and what could be seen as a mid-term Olympics, every two years the winter. This is a time for the many countries that make up the world community to put forth their best athletes to compete on the world stage. We witness meltdowns right before our eyes and on the flip side we see young athletes overcome the ever challenging, the ever so talented competitors become an Olympic Champion in their field. 

Some call these athletes heroes, but I wouldn’t go that far. I would tell a young viewer that he or she can accomplish that level of success too, but if only they are willing to work hard for it. I would tell the young views, this is hard work paying off and for the most part, these professional athletes have devoted their entire life for this one moment. A chance to win an Olympic Gold. 

The level of sportsmanship that is always on display is something we Americans very rarely see with our professional sports here in the States. Some would argue that the Olympics is unfair, because the United States uses professional athletes. Well doesn’t every country scout for the best athlete that would best represent them on the world stage? Somehow, some of these Olympic critics believe that the Olympics should be reserved for the amateur. Who would watch that? 

Throughout the whole competition, the United States and China took the two top spots on the medal count board. China performed to perfection in the diving, the U.S., swimming with passion, but at the end of the day the United States took over the top spot on the medal board. For some Americas, seeing the United States at the top disgust them. While Americans all over the globe were cheering and rooting for America, you have those that would love to see America fail. How sad that is to hear fellow Americans hope and pray America doesn’t come out on top. The American spirit is not alive in all that live in the Greatest Country known to man. 

In the end, the United States claimed the top position in the medal count. Americans should not feel shame for their success, nor should they feel guilty. Do you think Jamaica feels guilty at having the three fastest men alive on their track team? I don’t think so. The United States has set the standard in so many areas that we as a nation must not lower our standard in order to not offend. As of now, Jamaica has set the standard on the 100m and the 200m sprint. That gives Americans something to work toward.    

Select Moral Outrage or Going Against the Grain

By: A. H. Pinley

On my soap box. Remember the days of America’s past when those that lived life only to go against the grain? The graining being living  a life with high moral standards, principles. Well in todays society, going against the grain has taken on a whole new meaning. Going against the grain today would require man and woman to live their lives with high moral standards and yes, even raise their kids with the same standards in this world saturated with sex and violence. 

If there were a good old wholesome television show promoting abstinence, family time around the dinner table and the children coming clean with their lying or dishonesty, the show would be the subject of public mocking on shows like “The View”, “Real Time with Bill Maher”, and “Late Nite with David Letterman”. 

Is promoting such standards, such as abstinence (which would save the individual a lot of grief later), tough love (instead of wanting to be the child’s best friend, be a parent), or here’s a tough one for many parents, even I, teaching your child how to be a good loser really all that bad? Losing isn’t the end of the road, but a basis, a platform requiring more hard work in the days that follow. You can’t be a good winner unless you’re a good loser. You must follow, before you can lead.

One story that was being reported on last week was a mothers approval of her daughter  having sex with her teacher just as long as it were under her roof. What is the mother thinking? Hey parents, we’re suppose to protect our children from these perverted animals. If he is sleeping with your daughter today, what keeps you from thinking that he isn’t sleeping with other minors? One last thing to add on this, where is the father?

Over the course of, I would say fifty years, the mainstream, pop media have tried their best to splinter the family unit. Putting in overtime to blur the lines that make up a strong family. Some have went as far as redefining “family”. Well, would you dare venture to say that Sweet-n-Low is the same as cane sugar? Not even close. 

We as a society have allowed the American Family to be destroyed. As long as there are broken homes, what ever the reason, the government will have clients. We must not allow morally bankrupt souls to redefine what real moral principles are, a foundation. What Americans need today is to be reintroduced to moral clarity. Sure the move would be viewed by those dearly beloved in Hollywood as hate and going against popular belief. Do you think the majority of the American people like being in the gutter? Being force fed shows like, “Modern Family”, “The New Norm”, or “Grey’s Anatomy” that are geared towards desensitize viewers to the hostage taking of our moral principles. Non-compromising moral courage is what we need. If that means being viewed as going against the grain, then that is the way it will be viewed. Enough of this select moral outrage. It’s fake and misleading. 

Here is an area that perplexes me, abortion. Keeping in the good nature of the second wave feminism movement of the 60’s, abortion somehow has become a constitutional right for the women. I’m pressed to say that those that embrace abortion as a constitutional right have been asked to compromise on responsibility on two fronts, themselves and the unborn child. Plan Parenthood and much of those on the Left would say that anyone that comes along trying to criminalize abortion outside of rape and incest are trying to stamp on the woman’s true freedom over her body. Today we hear this cry as the “War Against Women”. 

Truthfully I ask, keeping in good faith with the abortion crowd would you say abortion is really a mercy killing or a honor killing? 

To close, I find three things in life that are worth fighting for, 1. Conventional Marriage/ Family, 2. The Church, 3. The United States. I suggest reading 1 Samuel 8. The United States is not like other nations and for good reason. We as Americans need to remember what America is about, not what we desire for it to be. The genie in the bottle complex. God bless our great nation and all those that defend Her.