Sunday, January 30, 2011

State of Dysfunction- A Response to the State of the Union Address January 25, 2011

“Article II, Section 3 mandates that the president "shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient." It's a tradition which dates, of course, from George Washington, but it has evolved enormously since the Father of Our Country gave his first report to Congress, in 1790.” Schlesinger, Robert (January 2011)

Was this State of the Union Address Obama’s William Jefferson Clinton moment? During President Obama’s historical campaign for the Oval Office he said this, “Just words, just speeches”. Going through the motions but no real passion was on display. Dog and pony show, all caught on prime-time television. One more thing to check off Obama’s bucket list, rule a nation.

I find it a great privilege to live in a nation that allows its citizens to watch and hear their elected president speak on live television. I also find it a great privilege to retrieve the transcripts of ‘The State of the Union Address’ on my computer and then further comprehend it.

Tuesday night, January 25, 2011 was one of those days that we as a nation tuned into our local or cable channel to watch and listen to the 44th Commander In Chief address the nation. Listening closely to every word that communicated from the teleprompter before dropping out of Obama’s mouth I asked myself how different will this State of the Union differ from last years? Unemployment is still too high to show any real economic rebound and the housing problems continue to rear its ugly head. Difference is, Obama was not attacking the GOP every other statement.

In light of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords strong recovery, our nation is known for its direct, face to face contact with our elected officials. Many nations around the globe do not share this right hard fought right. So debate will continue regardless how the Left Wing try to spin the media and yes civil debate is healthy.

President Obama mentioned that, “At stake right now is not who wins the next election -– after all, we just had an election.” But it seems to me that he is not a student of his own words. He is in full throttle election mode and only picking up speed. Any word yet on his birth certificate?

Obama, “It’s whether we sustain the leadership that has made America not just a place on a map, but the light to the world.” Again, Obama is not a student of his own words. Before taking office he bad mouthed America and continued to due so after his Inaugural. Sitting a church for what twenty years with the message structured around how ‘White America’ has robbed the world of its wealth. It doesn’t sound like a healthy message to hang your hat on to me, let alone a philosophy of principles to govern by.

June 2009, modern-day recession ended and recovery began. During the latest State of the Union Obama touts that the recession is over and the market is roaring back, but he stated that the market will not be used as an approval index and we seen the market take a hit Friday, January 28th due to the unrest in Egypt. We are still in a recession. People are still losing jobs in great numbers and houses are still being foreclosed on in record amounts.

Obama likes to say progress is measured by the progress of the American people, but wants to confiscate hard working Americans wealth. I don’t know what to believe about Obama, will he punish the hard workers and reward the loafers? I don’t know, but it sure does sound like it taking into account the words that dressed the pages of his two books.

Everyone would like a good paying job, now more than ever, but it is unrealistic to think that it would only be fair if everyone made the same amount on money. It is like saying that it would only be fair if the wealthy would pay more in taxes, and then again define “WEALTH”.

If we as a nation of revolutionary ideas are going to win the future, government needs to allow the private sector do what it does best, innovate. The federal government is the one that sets tax rates for corporations not the corporation. If Obama would like to see nations around the globe invest in America, then he needs to show America that he is serious in bringing jobs back to our shores.

Obama has a hard time cutting the budget by axing social programs, but has no issues of axing defense. Now in the defense budget we’ll find NASA. Well for many that didn’t know already, NASA is conducting there last couple of space missions. Will NASA be funded by private investors? Your guess is as good as mine. On the social program, in the Bay Area, doctors are conducting sex changes on the taxpayer’s dollar. Should the tax payer be paying for such procedure?

Obama found it to be the appropriate time to attack Big Oil. You know how Americans hate Big Oil, but I find Big Government more of a threat to American Society than Big Oil. It is the federal government that has the spending problem while mounting record deficits, not the oil companies. I’m for clean energy, but I like choice and it is not the governments place to demonize corporations in hopes to gain lobbing support from Big Envio.

For Obama to state that our education system is failing, he would be right. Every year we Americans throw more and more money towards education and still have children not meeting the standard. Is it the teachers or is the curriculum? Every school is different and this is an area I agree with the President. We should reward those teachers, those schools that excel at educating our children and put on notice that are not performing to standard. It’s not a regional issue. All teachers go to an accredited school to get their teaching degree, so they have the tools, but rather fight for more money in their pockets and forgetting who they are, an educator.

College is expensive partly due to the professors. So when professors are willing to take less money then tuition will fall. I can only speak for the community college here in Phoenix, but we have a very good community college program. I wish that the community college offered more degrees, but I’m very happy with the community college system.

Obama went on to talk about lobbying groups, when members of his own staff have resigned to take up the title “Lobbyist”. Like earmarks, Obama said last year that he would shutout lobbyist from the legislative process and the same was said about earmarks, but the evidence is throughout the Obamacare 2000+ page bill.

It is funny to see how many at the Republican Presidential Candidate ideas Obama is trying to make his own today, tax holiday, simplifying the tax code and so on. How about creating another a program that would allow Americans to stay with the current Social Security Program or go to another program that will not be raided by politicians to suit their pet projects?

It is always time to act. Why wait two years to create a spending cut budget, a budget that will reduce the size of government, and not reduce the saving of the American taxpayer. Obama says he cut taxes, but in reality he only kept in place current taxing levels, which in two years time plans on raising taxes.

In closing, I am not in the position to grade the Presidents Address, but I can assure that we Americans do not hate people based on their skin color, race, or religion. This past year was sickening to hear how politicians’ character assassinates a movement, political figure or idea by using the word racist. If Americans can not express their opinion without being labeled a racist, then we have lost the freedoms that so many have laid down their lives to protect.

May God protect and bless our Great Nation and the men and women that defend Her.  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the Spirit of Pro-Choice

Today marks a very grim stake in our American History. January 22, 2011 will celebrate 38 years of women being able to do what they will to their delicate bodies per Supreme Court ruling in the Roe v. Wade trials January 22, 1973. This stance that has been widely politicized has resulted in millions of aborted births simply for the means of birth control.

Throughout the course of world history men have taken it upon themselves to terminate life as if of no value. American Soldiers witnessed the aftermath of horrid acts of a society that felt it was within their right to exterminate millions of Jews known as The Holocaust. In Asia, America learned that millions were killed in Cambodia for what is now known as “The Killing Fields” under the direction of Pol Pot. Not that any one of these terrible cases is greater than another, the sad fact is, how these evil dictators valued other peoples lives.  

Though the number of reported abortions in The United States has declined along with the national birth-rate, we still witness the holocaust that has been declared on the unborn. Plan Parenthood on their home page promotes the termination of in their words “Mistake” with the morning after pill. Nowhere on their site can you find anything directing young ladies to hold on to their virginity till marriage or if you conceive life after having “SEX” then put the new life up for adoption. You would think this would be an option that many would want to explore.

Just a few days ago a doctor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was arrested for the killing of newborns with scissors. With Liberal activist groups fighting to keep Roe v. Wade in power, we fail our society for allowing such unnecessary acts to take place. There are many Americans that are unable to have children that would love to adopt a newborn.

Just last month here in Phoenix, Arizona the Catholic diocese disassociated the Catholic Church with a local hospital for performing an abortion at their facility. Though the fight for whom was right is long from over, one would think that medical advances are advanced enough to not run into the argument that the mother will die if we do not terminate the unborn child. Besides the unborn have no rights yet, right?

In closing, this shameful issue comes down to responsibility. As a society, groups that want to make it easy for individuals to wipe their slate clean by erasing their actions or justifying their unwise decisions have hurt our society. We are eliminating the future President of the United States or the next Michael Jordan or how about the person that discovers a cure for A.I.D.S. When will it stop? Where will it stop? Who will stand up and put an end to legalized abortion?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fairness for the Criminally Insane

I would like to first send out my deepest sympathies to the families that were forever affected by this horrifying attack on innocent life. It will take many years to recover from the loss of love ones and the images of horror. The day will not make sense and segments of time will be missing, but rests assure America will be there to embrace you. God bless those families.

It has been one week since Jared Lee Loughner acted out his 3 year old deranged deadly obsession on Arizona Representative Gabriel Gifford. The loss of innocent life was of no concern to Jared. It is still unclear what triggered his two month plan to commit this heinous act and I’m afraid there’ll be little new detail over the next few months, but that did not stop the Liberal media from attacking the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

Reading a local Liberal newspaper “The New Times”, the journalist insist that with tougher federal gun laws and the reversal of Arizona’s concealment law this tragedy may have not occurred. The problem with that assertion is the law applies to the law abiding, not to those that consciously make the decision not to comply. So we still have an issue here.

If this crime was commit partly due to Arizona’s lax gun laws, and legislation comes down to strengthen those current laws, will we be able to avoid another tragedy such as in Tucson? Chances are no matter the law, people with the means and intent to commit harm to another will carry out that task. Liberal (Republican & Democrat alike) legislators by the actions of one man want to make it harder for the law abiding citizen to get a gun.

Now, onto what we should expect in the courts leading to the conviction of Jared Lee Loughner. Jared will have an attorney (Judy Clarke) that will plead in front of the jury that her client received little or no treatment for his illness and because of the lack of attention spent treating his illness we wish to have him locked up in a state hospital somewhere, having medication shoved down his throat till his death. So what we have here is a defense attorney that will try passing the blame for her defendants action onto the public saying that we failed him. Mind you, Jared is 22 years of age, a man in my book, a dependent in the Nanny State’s eyes.

Now, onto Jared’s parents and their pain they’ll suffer with for the rest of their life. Are they not victims too? This is their son. To avoid harassment from agitators and news media, it wouldn’t be a surprise to here the Loughner Family move to another state. They will have to change their names to protect their identity and to protect from being identified. They will come to a point to either deny the fact that their son could commit such a crime or divorce their son and say they don’t have one.

In conclusion, Stephen Lemons New Times article is almost like he is asking us to profile people in gun sales transactions. Profiling was wrong during the SB 1070 debate, but now it is okay during business transactions. Mr. Lemons also wants to pass the blame onto others for this mans actions. So now we are asked to not hold Jared responsible for his behavior. Allow the justice systems run its course and if he shall the ‘death penalty’ than let that be his fate.

God bless America and those that defend Her.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser Democratic Style

With a new congress in session and the news media already forecasting the talking points that will be heard spoken from every Liberal News Contributor the next couple of years, we Americans look forward to what 112th Congress can do for America and not further empower the Federal Government. I believe us Americans spoke loud and clear our displeasure of the Obama Administration Election Day November 2, 2010? The American voice has been closed out of all arguments on legislation that hit the floor of the House. We were ignored and called Right Wing Extremist or racist, but we saw we were shut out. The White House, the chambers of the House of Representatives belongs to ‘We the people.’

One of the problems Americans have, they have been conditioned over a course of decades into believing that the Federal Government can provide the citizen with their wildest desires. The Federal Government starting with the president during the great depression, FDR, has made every effort possible to be a god like figure to the masses. 

Since FDR, it has become unconstitutional to recite the Lord’s Prayer in school. It is a criminal offense to hold Bible Study groups on school campuses and now you can probably add reading the U.S. Constitution to that list of being unconstitutional. Many in government are offended by freedom that is offered in the Holy Book and the U.S. Constitution.

The federal government has become too blotted and dysfunctional. In order for our country to be strong in the long run, our government needs to be weakened by reducing the size and control the government holds today. If we as a nation place the power back to where it belongs we will be strong, prosperous, and competitive. That is what was seen on November 2, 2010.

For God and country we must save our nation by thinning out the tree from the top. Prune the government tree by eliminating the dead braches and the braches that hinder growth. Why does the federal government choose to thin out the base that supports this ‘Great Nation’? Every one knows that if you thin out the base of a tree one of two things may happen, 1) that portion of the tree will die and 2) the tree may not be strong enough to weather a storm.

The late Ronald Wilson Reagan once said that “The Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.” Every society needs some form of government, no matter how big or small the society is. So the question then lies what role the government thinks it should play? This gives the federal government no boundaries if the government wants to omit the U.S. Constitution from their principles and daily practices then they’ll do that.     

Cutting $78B and 47,000 U.S. troops from the defense spending is not the problem. All this will do is weaken our forces and prompt congress to re-institute the draft some time down the road. The cuts need to start from the top in the House of Representatives and in the Obama Administration. We can start by cutting the ridiculous number of Czars and aids that went unconfirmed behind close doors.  

I discovered a great message for us Americans in a unsuspecting movie, WALL-E. It took a child to force me to watch with them only to find out that it had a big person message stowed away in it. If we continue to allow people to tend to our every need we will get complacent and lazy and when we are faced with making a decision on our own we’re lost.   

Bubbles anyone? We had the bubble where new sites and sounds were popping up over night and becoming the latest crave among pop culture. Then we had the housing bubble that really brought our Great Nation to Her knees. If you wanted a house, but couldn’t afford it, well you’re in luck because the government will insure you get that house you can’t afford. Now we have what I call a Federal Government Bubble.

 This bubble is the nastiest bubble to come down the aisle. Big government does nothing to grow the economy. Big government, unlike big oil, drains money out of our system. This bubble needs to be cut down to size, starting at the top.

To close I would like to encourage my readers to take back our government by writing your elected representative. Encourage them to cut back spending and the power hunger this beast known as the federal government is displaying for all to see. Encourage them to trust the guidance the U.S. Constitution offers, much like the Holy Bible guides us. Those that shriek away from these two founding documents are afraid of being exposed for who they really are. Keep the faith. God bless the United States.