Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Art of Perception or Deception

Who would ever want to throw their hat into the ring of politics is beyond me. Not only is it hell for the candidate, but it seems family is fair game for abuse as well by the media and other politicians that think their crap don’t stink.

I would like to first define two different words that are used to get the same outcome or result.

Perception: 1.the mental grasp of objects 2.insight or intuition 3.the knowledge.

Deception: 1.a deceiving or being deceived illusion or fraud.

Though the two words mean something totally different, they are used to mislead or guide the public into believing in something that is entirely fabricated. Example would be ‘Trooper Gate’ involving then Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. The DNC knew that they would be able to assassinate her character solely on the basis of her being a Washington Outsider. May I add is being a Washington Outsider really all that bad these days?
The DNC said Sarah did not have enough executive experience, but then look who they nominated to represent their party a community organizer from The Windy City, the same city that had a governor under investigation for Pay for Play.

The perception was cast that Sarah was a dirty governor and that she was a ditz, an airhead to say the least. They went on to attack her then pregnant daughter both on the late night shows and in Liberal periodicals. All of this media attention that Ol’ Sarah drew was unbelievable. If this young American mother of five was such a clueless governor from Alaska, then why did they spend more time destroying her than Sen. McCain?

Here we are America, 2010. Are we any safer today than when Bush 43 was in? North Korea is ready to go to war with us and their neighbor to the south. We were deceived in 2008 to think that President Obama was this young American leader that was going to lead America into the future. His politics were to be bi-partisan, which I believe to be destructive in its self, we got mandated health care for everyone from your pimps and prostitutes to citizen to illegal.

Is this the change we voted for? It is all about perception that led us into deception. It was all an illusion my friends. There is no way government can ever make up for what we the people can do. America needs Constitutional principled leaders, not politicians that wish to keep the people powerless through more social programs and mounting debt.

Perception can be misleading, be patient and listen closely. God see us through this difficult times and God bless our Great Nation.      

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Now judging by the title your first thought may lead you to "Oh here's another keep your sexuality in the closet post" or "Don't let sexuality determine my willingness to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces". If that were your thought, maybe next time your assumption would be correct.
One of the hot button issues leading up to the Nov. 2, 2010 election was the issue of illegal immigration. Advocates for this method of immigration called SB1070 bill signed into law April, 23, 2010 by Gov. Jan Brewer, racist and unconstitutional, but in reality it only re-enforced existing federal law. So calling Sb1070 unconstitutional would be to say federal law is unconstitutional.
Bush 43 had his vision on immigration. Many toted that he supported amnesty for illegal immigrants, but his states as of late beg to differ. He believed in a guest worker program, which in my opinion is not a bad idea, but should only be exercised 6-12 months at a time in which the guest worker heads back to their place of origin to file another request. So where is the problem with the United States immigration policy?
The problem lies in the enforcement of these laws. Borders states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California) have become hubs in transporting illegal immigrants around the nation to take up safe havens in cities like San Francisco, California. Well it is obvious the federal government is to overwhelm by the increase in human trafficking that they are unable to make an impact or slow the flow of border crossers from poring over into our country or they have orders to be more tolerant of some of the offenders (trespassers).
Now, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said that our southern border is more secure than it has ever been in recent history. Shortly after making that statement report of Mexico drug cartels were fighting against others close to the southern border and out of fear of the violence running over to our country became a reality.
An American rancher on the southern border was murdered by possible drug traffickers. From this Arizona drafted a measure that would grant local law enforcement agencies to flex their federal immigration enforcement abilities under 287g, known to Arizonians as SB1070.
From this necessary measure, the Justice Department has sued Arizona for doing a job that the Federal Government is unable to effectively enforce. So moving onto what is on the table of Congress today.
The children of illegal immigrants want to be granted citizenship under the Dream Act. Of course these individuals were innocent and brought by their illegal immigrant parents, but to demand that the United States owns them something is totally wrong or selfish. These advocates are angry at the U.S., when they should be angry at their parents for having put them though this mess.
If you want to become a citizen of the country you supposedly say you love so much, join the military for a full enlistment and if you are able to fulfill the enlistment, then and only then can you be considered for citizenship. Americans should not tolerate being held hostage by any group that promotes illegal activity regardless how big or small the crime. We are a nation of laws. Laws promote order and discipline. Charging that law enforcement does not have the right to ask for once status is another way of saying don’t ask, don’t tell. Now mind you police are professionals and deal with people of all backgrounds on daily basis.
A final note, if you are here illegally you may want to consider making arrangements to return home and go through the process the right way. In the end it will be cheaper and safer. God bless our Great Nation.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do I Offend You?

Do I offend you with my red, white and blue complexion and 50 stars in a blue field representing a new Constellation? Do I offend you when I was toted across a war torn battlefield in the name of liberty and freedom for all man? Do I offend you when I drake the coffins of fallen warriors? Do I offend you when I am shapes into a triangle and given to a grieving mother after losing a loved one payed the ultimate price for freedom? You burn me, spit on me and stamp on me in the name of freedom of speech, do I still offend you? Do I offend you so much that in our nations classroom along with prayer, pledging allegiance to the Red, White and Blue can be found offensive? Do I offend you when I pass you in a parade or raised at a sporting event onlookers take off their hats and place over their left breast or salute in honor of all that have fallen to make it possible to do so? I must offend you enough to throw me in a toilet and call it art? I must offend you enough to tell a 13 yr old California man not to ride his bike to school anymore till he removed his 'Stars and Stripes' from his bike? Taking God out of school would make all things better. Taking patriotism out of society at all levels will make all things better. So I ask, what is left to fight for? God bless our men and women in uniform that had put liberty and freedom before themselves. God bless The United States of America.