Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do I Offend You?

Do I offend you with my red, white and blue complexion and 50 stars in a blue field representing a new Constellation? Do I offend you when I was toted across a war torn battlefield in the name of liberty and freedom for all man? Do I offend you when I drake the coffins of fallen warriors? Do I offend you when I am shapes into a triangle and given to a grieving mother after losing a loved one payed the ultimate price for freedom? You burn me, spit on me and stamp on me in the name of freedom of speech, do I still offend you? Do I offend you so much that in our nations classroom along with prayer, pledging allegiance to the Red, White and Blue can be found offensive? Do I offend you when I pass you in a parade or raised at a sporting event onlookers take off their hats and place over their left breast or salute in honor of all that have fallen to make it possible to do so? I must offend you enough to throw me in a toilet and call it art? I must offend you enough to tell a 13 yr old California man not to ride his bike to school anymore till he removed his 'Stars and Stripes' from his bike? Taking God out of school would make all things better. Taking patriotism out of society at all levels will make all things better. So I ask, what is left to fight for? God bless our men and women in uniform that had put liberty and freedom before themselves. God bless The United States of America.

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