Sunday, April 17, 2011

Klanned Parenthood - Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

"You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born.” Psalms 139: 15-16

Abortion! How would you describe abortion to a five year old that by chance heard the word in school? Would you attempt to put it in simple explanation form like “Wrong place at the wrong time” or “UNWANTED”? Neither explanation would give the child a clear picture of what abortion is.

You could take the stance that then Presidential Candidate Obama took in 2008 while attending a forum at Saddleback Church “It was above his pay-grade” or “wouldn’t want to burden one of his daughters with an unwanted pregnancy”. With that statement, not much hope for an unborn child exists. If you were to take into consideration the background President Obama has under his belt you would think he would be a strong supporter of life, but that seems to not be the case.

Many providers (Planned Parenthood) of this heartless practice also deliver new life into the world. Having had read some comments of some the abortion doctors, they feel no positive feelings about their practice or any sense of reward. Why be in practice if the work you embrace offers no sense of reward? The reason people pursue a career in medicine or the medical field is to make a difference. A passion is present that drives the individual to make a difference in society.

Abortion has been referred by some as a “necessary evil”. If the ones that practice this medical abuse feel guilty but stay in the practice for the money then doesn’t that say something? So is the encouragement of abortion really fought out of bringing in more money to a clinic since the legal practice of abortion is not done in hospitals?

At one abortion clinic in Texas, every other Saturday of the month would perform anywhere between twenty-five to thirty-five abortions at $800 a pop, big money for ten minutes worth of work that took 13- week to create. Sure the clinic offers other services like breast exams, STD (sexually transmitted diseases), and family planning, but it is the abortion service that brings in the money. The other services were reported as to making Planned Parenthood lose money.    

At one time before Roe v. Wade abortion was legal in the United States, but then deemed as illegal just to be legalized again by the courts in 1973. So the argument then was, why not bring this sensitive subject before the people of the United States and have a vote. Could it be that many politicians were banking on this so called land mark decision, backed by lobbying groups such as Planned Parenthood to keep the anti-abortion bill from ever seeing the light of day before the American People?

Just who is Planned Parenthood? Well Planned Parenthood has a dark creation. Margaret Sanger was an advocate for American Eugenics Society (Eugenics- forced sterilization) and founder of Planned Parenthood. She saw the poor and those with disabilities as “weeds” and “morons”. Even Hitler praised her work to the point of crafting most of his Eugenics work after America’s distasteful law.

In 1939, Sanger headed “The Negro Project”. Which I’m sorry to say was geared to eliminating the black population from the American soil. Sanger is not a woman for human rights, but just the opposite.   

How is abortion any different than let’s say…cutting or self mutilation? Abortion activist state that a woman has a right to do to her body as she pleases, right? Well for those individuals that want to cut or self mutilate have a right to destroy their bodies as much as a woman has the right “by law” to destroy the life inside her womb. The difference is in the case of cutting or self mutilation the individual is met with intervention by family and physicians. In the case of abortion, family is strongly encouraged to stay out of the loop and the patient is not likely to be well informed on what she is carrying inside her body.

As of late legislation is being drafted that will require any abortion provider to provide an ultrasound of the unborn child as a part of the counseling process. Many “Pro-Choice” supporters say that this is an infringement of their constitutional rights. What to inform? To help the young, scared, pressured lady make an informed decision that will greatly affect the rest of her life?

Abortions are big money. Planned Parenthood made $200 million in profit last year (2010), while receiving federal money to run their mill. At a time of shrinking the belt of soaring budgets and de-funding programs that really aren’t out to promote a better America, Americans all across the fruited plains reserve the right to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

President Obama’s healthcare bill funds abortion simply by providing monies to Planned Parenthood. If you are a woman or know a woman that is contemplating abortion or abandonment I strongly encourage you to call Project Cuddle 1-888-628-3353 or visit their web site Help protect the miracle of life and bless a family that is unable to bare their own. God bless the United States and the Warriors that defend Her.     

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Debt on Arrival

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'- Ronald W. Reagan

So the out of control spending comes to a head. No restraint, no concern. The federal government is on the brink of shutting down by the very work of their hands. It wasn’t the tax payer that created this gridlock. It was the unchallenged, unchecked spending practices of our elected officials.

Many would argue that this is politics, or the way sausage is supposed to be made, but when does the spending stop. The federal government has made it their purpose to have their finger or stake in everyone’s pie, when they should focus on what their function should be, national defense, the creation of laws (constitutionally) and the defense of those laws, but the government has ballooned too big to even do the latter of the three.

The federal government has put themselves in a position that the essentials in life are no longer mentioned. The federal government has placed themselves in a position that snares over 40% of our U.S. Citizens in a life of dependency on the federal government. For starters, dependency of the government is like slavery and secondly, these social programs are not tooled for Americans to stay on them indefinitely.

Now that a group of politicians want to cut the trees back, a lot, another group of career politicians are crying foul. America is in deep financial trouble and it was of no concern for when the Democrats held majority in both chambers last year. The threat of government shutdown should rest on the shoulders of every Democrat, and yes even President Obama’s.

The credit cards are beyond maxed out, and the Democrats want to apply for another card only to do the same, max it out. Some social programs will have to be cut, i.e. Head Start Program, free breakfast and lunch at school, certain Medicaid recipients and the list goes on and on. This was something the President said he would address, entitlements, but failed to do so. The President also said when taking office he would go through the budget line-by-line, but I guess he was too busy for that.

So if when the clock strikes 12 midnight and the carriage and glits and glam return to their real form, pumpkins and mice, will Americans be doomed? I doubt it. Carry on with your lives and let the smartest people in America figure out that raising taxes still leave the Federal Government in a troubling situation. If they fail to address the underlining issue, spending, their can be no budget proposal or tax increase that will fix their problems. Last November America voted for smaller government and lower taxes, and that is what the elected that ran on those issues are doing, cutting the government down to size. God Bless The United States of America.       

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swimming With Lead Boots-Political Jockeying In Defense of Weak Foreign Policy Efforts

“A leader, once convinced a particular course of action is the right one, must have the determination to stick with it and be undaunted when the going gets rough.” Ronald Reagan

The President of the United States does not offer one self to OJT (on the job training). Now that President Barack Obama has a record and can’t vote present, or has he, we will see the toughness of the young president that was hyped with so much favor. Don’t misunderstand me, regardless the person occupying the office I would continue to proudly serve our great nation.

The Chief has no clothes. Then Candidate Obama, traveled to Germany to apologize for the United States in turn motivated the Norwegian Nobel Committee to consider the new President of the Free World for the Nobel Peace Prize. Remember Obama said he is a citizen of the world, so does that make him the president as well? I am citizen of the United States, not the world. I don’t live under the leadership of a world government. That very well may be Obama’s doctrine.  

Obama wanted to approach foreign policy differently than his predecessors. He didn’t like the cowboy approach and he didn’t like the ‘Exceptional America’ approach. Obama wanted to craft a foreign policy that would require the United States to take a more backseat approach. This policy was on display for all to see, even for our foes and potential foes.

Obama wanted the world to see him as kind of like Cool Hand Luke. So this lead him to believe that being a more passive America would be a stronger and more respected around world America, but the opposite happened. Since Obama has telegraphed or exposed his hand, our nation’s enemies know what to expect out of him. Russia drew his inexperience out of him when during the Presidential Election Russia went into the once satellite state Georgia. His response to how he would handle the situation was viewed as weak.

So now what we are seeing unfold around the globe is a world that harbors evil men that see America as no serious player in the world today. Obama is seen as no action till he has to react. In my opinion when you have to react, it is already too late. It is better to be proactive than reactive.

I seriously believe that Obama changes his policy according to what is poll friendly at the time. Libya was intended to show Obama’s strength on corrupt regimes. Well how about Iran, Palestine or North Korea?  Avoiding a lead role on the ‘No Fly Zone’ over Libya, Obama punted the lead role to France.

It would be less painful and less costly if the Norwegian Nobel Committee would offer a Nobel Peace Prize to Gudofi, like what they did for Yasser Arafat in 1994. Or maybe all Gudofi wants is a Pepsi, just one Pepsi or beer summit. This would all hold well in Obama’s foreign policy roadmap for America.

It strikes me strange that Gudofi went underground for many years, especially during Bush 43’s ‘War on Terror’. Now that America shows weak leadership he has resurfaced as a threat to world peace again? What would cause that? Maybe you can tell me.

Now onto the media that built this president. They continue to say how courageous President Obama is by handling Libya the way he has, but pounced on Bush 43 for taking a tough stance on Saddam. The problem the news media is in today is they have invested too much resources and money into Obama. They can not allow his short comings or failures to be seen on the public stage. It is almost like they are saying “We’ve come to paint Obama’s mule.” Obama in the media’s eye is too big to fail.

I do want to thank The Commander In Chief for adopting, begrudge, President George W. Bush’s foreign policy and his reason for keeping Club Gitmo open for service. President Obama has really justified President Bush’s actions in Iraq. If Obama’s actions in Libya are viewed as courageous and well thought out, then should we all be recognizing Bush for his unwavering leadership on the war on terrorism? The media portrayed, along with many Democrats, Bush mishandled the war, but yet we see Obama copy many of Bush’s practice.

President Obama thought that it would be good for his re-election campaign to show off his toughness, and so we have Libya. It worked for Bush, why not Obama. Obama approached the handling with a no leadership role what so ever in case the campaign in Libya gets messy. Obama has compromised U.S. foreign policy.    

In closing, when committing troops to any foreign conflict at any degree you do so to win. Our men and women in uniform are too precious to be used in half ass ways. If Obama is doing this political jockeying for re-election it will not work and oh yeah, while you were out Mr. President, we took the liberty of changing the locks on the White House.

God bless America and the men and women that defend Her.