Sunday, February 13, 2011

B.O. - International Man for Humane Treatment of Civil Peoples Practicing Aggressive Demonstrations for a New Democratic Egypt Take 2

“Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.” Benjamin Franklin

Following the news that broke Friday afternoon stateside, it took the people of Egypt eighteen days to force the sitting president that was re-elected in 2005 to step down and retire his powers to the vice president and the military. The military has come out saying that they will insure fair and free elections this coming September in which would have marked the end of Mubarak term.

This is a big victory for liberty and people for freedom, but now the tough road in protecting liberty and freedom lies ahead. With Muslim Brotherhood wading in the wings, the People of Egypt need to set their sites on what is best for their nation. Muslim Brotherhood can be detrimental to the movement towards a country of free peoples. Groups like the Brotherhood will use revolts to usher in their ideology, phasing in their radical form of control, government, almost without the citizen knowing that the corruption is taking place.

If it is a free country not pinned down by the fist of a heartless tyrant they want, then the Egyptian people need to be very careful on who they elect into office. If the people want to continue to have positive relations with surrounding nations then electing the right person is very important. They also need to consider electing cabinet members that will represent districts in Egypt, and not allow them to be appointed. Representation.   

Should the United States have any role in Egypt picking their next president? No! President Obama misstep when getting on television broadcasting to the world that Mabarak needs to step down, when only a few short weeks prior praising this man.

I have said that the road towards a free nation will be rough, but worth while. Like in Iraq, Egypt may encounter resistance towards democracy. There will be those that will see their influence stomped out by this new hopeful way of governing and do everything in their power to disrupt this progress.

If Obama wants to be of any help, he would be the needed support this country hungry for reform needs by supporting them behind the scenes not on television. Keep in mind, Egypt along with Israel are among the few strong allies we have in the region. With the latest news coming out of Pakistan, anti-America protesters will be encouraging Egypt to support their cause. Only time will tell if the vacuum created by the ouster of Mubarak will show signs of positive change or begin to look like what we saw in Iran.

My prayers are with the people of Egypt. My prayers are for their courage to stand for freedom and not fall for shady tactics that will further repress them.

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