Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swimming With Lead Boots-Political Jockeying In Defense of Weak Foreign Policy Efforts

“A leader, once convinced a particular course of action is the right one, must have the determination to stick with it and be undaunted when the going gets rough.” Ronald Reagan

The President of the United States does not offer one self to OJT (on the job training). Now that President Barack Obama has a record and can’t vote present, or has he, we will see the toughness of the young president that was hyped with so much favor. Don’t misunderstand me, regardless the person occupying the office I would continue to proudly serve our great nation.

The Chief has no clothes. Then Candidate Obama, traveled to Germany to apologize for the United States in turn motivated the Norwegian Nobel Committee to consider the new President of the Free World for the Nobel Peace Prize. Remember Obama said he is a citizen of the world, so does that make him the president as well? I am citizen of the United States, not the world. I don’t live under the leadership of a world government. That very well may be Obama’s doctrine.  

Obama wanted to approach foreign policy differently than his predecessors. He didn’t like the cowboy approach and he didn’t like the ‘Exceptional America’ approach. Obama wanted to craft a foreign policy that would require the United States to take a more backseat approach. This policy was on display for all to see, even for our foes and potential foes.

Obama wanted the world to see him as kind of like Cool Hand Luke. So this lead him to believe that being a more passive America would be a stronger and more respected around world America, but the opposite happened. Since Obama has telegraphed or exposed his hand, our nation’s enemies know what to expect out of him. Russia drew his inexperience out of him when during the Presidential Election Russia went into the once satellite state Georgia. His response to how he would handle the situation was viewed as weak.

So now what we are seeing unfold around the globe is a world that harbors evil men that see America as no serious player in the world today. Obama is seen as no action till he has to react. In my opinion when you have to react, it is already too late. It is better to be proactive than reactive.

I seriously believe that Obama changes his policy according to what is poll friendly at the time. Libya was intended to show Obama’s strength on corrupt regimes. Well how about Iran, Palestine or North Korea?  Avoiding a lead role on the ‘No Fly Zone’ over Libya, Obama punted the lead role to France.

It would be less painful and less costly if the Norwegian Nobel Committee would offer a Nobel Peace Prize to Gudofi, like what they did for Yasser Arafat in 1994. Or maybe all Gudofi wants is a Pepsi, just one Pepsi or beer summit. This would all hold well in Obama’s foreign policy roadmap for America.

It strikes me strange that Gudofi went underground for many years, especially during Bush 43’s ‘War on Terror’. Now that America shows weak leadership he has resurfaced as a threat to world peace again? What would cause that? Maybe you can tell me.

Now onto the media that built this president. They continue to say how courageous President Obama is by handling Libya the way he has, but pounced on Bush 43 for taking a tough stance on Saddam. The problem the news media is in today is they have invested too much resources and money into Obama. They can not allow his short comings or failures to be seen on the public stage. It is almost like they are saying “We’ve come to paint Obama’s mule.” Obama in the media’s eye is too big to fail.

I do want to thank The Commander In Chief for adopting, begrudge, President George W. Bush’s foreign policy and his reason for keeping Club Gitmo open for service. President Obama has really justified President Bush’s actions in Iraq. If Obama’s actions in Libya are viewed as courageous and well thought out, then should we all be recognizing Bush for his unwavering leadership on the war on terrorism? The media portrayed, along with many Democrats, Bush mishandled the war, but yet we see Obama copy many of Bush’s practice.

President Obama thought that it would be good for his re-election campaign to show off his toughness, and so we have Libya. It worked for Bush, why not Obama. Obama approached the handling with a no leadership role what so ever in case the campaign in Libya gets messy. Obama has compromised U.S. foreign policy.    

In closing, when committing troops to any foreign conflict at any degree you do so to win. Our men and women in uniform are too precious to be used in half ass ways. If Obama is doing this political jockeying for re-election it will not work and oh yeah, while you were out Mr. President, we took the liberty of changing the locks on the White House.

God bless America and the men and women that defend Her.

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  1. I do agree that Obama changes his policies due to what polls say (most politicians do), with the exception of health care reform. Polls were against him and he didn't it any way.