Friday, December 3, 2010

Circumcised In San Francisco, Not No More

With all of the pressing issues that are news worthy today, one bit of news that is not making a lot of noise on the wire is the banning of circumcision in the no other place, San Francisco, California. This measure is due to be placed on the ballot in the November 2011 voting season. With nothing better to do in the city of San Fran, let’s make up some of our deficit by fining people that disobey this law $1000 and maybe, just maybe let them spend some time behind bars to think about their misstep. You know what? What a great plan San Fran.

This is the same city that is a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants and harassing a Marine Corps recruiting office in the Haight and Ashbury. The group ‘CODEPINK’ exercises their freedom of speech by holding a candle light vigil in front of this recruiting office in hopes to drive them out of this section of the city. Who fought for those rights to be able to do such a thing, and then I ask, who gave us the right to fight for those rights?

 San Francisco is a city that is beyond moral decline. This is a city represented by former House Speaker Nancy Polosi. So no surprises when you hear that San Fran wants to ban circumcision. Is this Polosi’s idea of job creation? Because now the city will need 16,000 peepee watchers in public bathrooms, when entering the terminal of public transportation and maybe in the dressing room when trying on a new pair of slacks.

Rush asked his audience if when going through the airport screening, will the scanning machines be able to tell if your circumcised or not? Good question. Will the TSA allow those that look like they are toting luggage (junk) through no questions asked? If it even looks like your package is circumcised, well you got some explaining to do.

Seriouly, is this what our country has come to? We are on the verge of reliving the Korean War, and Federal Tax dollars fund an exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum depicting Jesus Christ being swarmed by ants, which symbolized the AIDS virus. The Smithsonian receives 60% of its funding by the tax payer. Luckily the Smithsonian pulled the art after many complains.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” Do you think repealing a measure that is twenty years old is all of a sudden going to expose all of the gay service members within the ranks of our military? I knew who was gay and who was strait. This only protects the gay from getting fired or refused enlistment.

 How does “Don’t ask, don’t tell” create jobs? How does it further protect our borders? How does it give the business owner confidence that he or she can start hiring for next year? It doesn’t.

Circumcision ban, the boycotting of a recruiting station does nothing to create jobs or protect our borders. One of the topics will usher in sexually transmitted deceases and the other is an exhibit how clueless some Americans really are.

I’m not anti-gay, nor am I anti-immigrant, but to seek special treatment is a form of discrimination. God bless America and those that protect Her.      

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