Monday, December 20, 2010

I Have a Dream Act

This week brought the end to the hunger strike of undocumented (illegal) immigrant supporters that rallied outside Sen. John S. McCain’s Phoenix office. They’re still doing the hunger strike right? Anyways the measure failed to move to the next stage of legislation procedures. Expected, Republicans were cast as the bad guys once again on this issue.

Need I remind you that the Democrats have had the majority in both chambers since 2007. Bush 43 introduced a measure to reform our nation’s immigration policies that landed on deaf ears. So who are the obstructionists that keep our legislators from passing a comprehensive immigration bill that will not include amnesty?

 For me I have an issue with this whole illegally being present in the United States. These individuals want to be future leaders of our great nation, but fail to place blame where it should be placed, with their parents. Where are their parents today? Are they still living in America illegally? Who are the real hostages?

I’m sure there are a few areas in our current immigration procedures that could be fixed like enforcement, but other than that our policy is a very good one. The problem falls when the federal government fails to act (enforce) and allows this activity to continue till we have a crisis on our hands.

Just this week we have had a Border Patrol Agent gunned down and killed by drug traffickers. According to Sec. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, our Southern Border is more secure than it has ever been. Okay?

President Obama says that we do not negotiate with hostage takers (Republicans), but yet we are expected to deal with people that feel that it is okay to boycott a state for taking a tough stance on illegal immigration. Again, who are the hostage takers?

For the pastures that aid illegal border crosser stating that that is what Jesus would have done I challenge you. Jesus would have told those crosser to do the right thing and that would be to return to your home and process the needed paperwork. For those priest that are using the illegal population in order to collect tithes for the church shame on you.

It is a good thing that ‘The Dream Act’ went down, because if the federal government would offer citizenship to someone that only has to serve two years in the military, well that would leave the door open for them to go AWOL after that. Then you have the thousands that went to college and achieved a degree. I say that is great but on whose dime?

If we really want to show our neighbors to the south that we love them and want the best for them, we would tell them the answer starts in Mexico. Take pride in your country. Get involved with your government. Support the law enforcement that is willing to stand up against the drug cartels. Take your country back from the criminals, both in politics and in the crime families.

The Dream Act should be that people from the south don’t have to travel north to find work or a better life, but an act to take their country back. Do the right thing. Respect our laws here in the United States. Don’t think bullying the citizens around is the way to get your way, because all you’re doing is angering us. God bless.

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