Monday, June 6, 2011

Caught Between Barack and Higher Taxes

It was great to see the first family return safely from their trip to Ireland searching for O’Bama’s lost roots. Drinking it up thanks to a man named Guinness and just having a down right great time, while Joplin, Missouri is acting out of initiative, because that’s what Americans do, to pull the community together. President O’Bama had to break away from a trip to make a camera appearance one week after the fact. Obvious the speech was not earth shattering, because the media is not replying it over and over.

New jobs report came out last week showing that the economy is not as great as O’Bama would have liked. Most of the jobs created on the report were by McDonald’s, the company the First Lady is trying to get the toys out of the Happy Meals. So the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.1% and here are the Democrats trying their best to make themselves look good by blaming the Republicans for the up tick. Cut the uncontrolled spending, lower the corporate tax rate and then the jobs will come. But those greedy politicians want the hard earned money of the working man rich or middle-class.

It was briefly reported on that the American tax-payer stands to lose $14 billion dollars. This will be $14 billion dollars that will not be paid back used in O’Bama’s desperate attempt to save union jobs. There was one U.S. auto maker that did not take the tax payer dollar, and that was Ford. They showed they will weather the storm and come out strong and they did.

Home values drop, except for in D.C. and Washington State. So we have not reached bottom as far as home values are concerned.

President O’Bama is spending more time campaigning than fulfilling the things he said he was going to fix about Washington as President. Internal polls must be driving him crazy. So let the record show, O’Bama is not up to the job.    

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