Sunday, June 19, 2011

National Security Vs. Entitlements-Who Will Make the Cut?

“Only in the dictionary does success come before work.” Author Unknown

People call for cuts across the board, everything is on the table. One side wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, which I ask define wealthy, and the other side wants to cut spending and balance the budget. The problem we run into is how to get there? Who will make the cut?

First allow me to start off by asking this simple question, when did Americans stop wanting to work or earn a living and began to dependent on the government for support by means of taking from others? It says in the Bible that if one doesn’t work they starve. We as private citizens need to make cuts as well in our own lives. That means get rid of the cell phones, internet, and cable TV. If you smoke, well right now would probably be good time to quit.

I find it alarming that on one side of the aisle we find them declaring war on the wealthy, the rich as if these blessed individuals took this capital (money) by force or at gun point, but they fail to see the economic impact they would have if all of a sudden out of nowhere decided to close up shop and bring their ball to another court. The rich need the middle class, and the middle class need the rich.

The Greenland shark would be legally blind as far as our standards are concerned, but God have given this mighty creature a much needed companion, a worm. Now this worm plays a very powerful role in this shark’s daily life. This worm feeds off the cataract like clouding that takes place in the Greenland’s eye, thus permitting the shark to maneuver around.

The same can be said about another mighty creature found in the ocean, found on the bodies of mighty hunters the Remora fish clings to the sides or underbelly of sharks, feeding on scraps and possibly eating bacteria found on the skin of the shark.

Taking into account the small creatures and the roles they play on the bigger players in the game of life, couldn’t we agree that the same can be said about those that feel they are less fortunate? In the Ten Commandments it say not to covet, and here’s society coveting others fruits.

President O’Bama shortly after taking the Oval Office enacted an $800 billion stimulus plan that was to prevent unemployment from surpassing 8%. Well I guess the Czar in charge of that department used the wrong formula. The only jobs we are left to assume benefited from this small ($800 billion) amount of dough are the public sector government jobs, leaving the private sector to fend for themselves (i.e. shovel ready).

So heading into his third year in office we continue to pile debt on top of debt ($14 trillion plus), dish money out to colleges so they can study the drinking habits of college students, build squirrel suspension bridges and mating habits of the bark beetle, we can’t find places to cut money from?

We need jobs for Americans. We need to cut those from the public dole that are able to work, but not willing to work and yes they can find things to cut in the military, but not the size.

Where does the Astroturf ‘No Labels Party’ stand on the social issues? Pass a balance budget amendment, cut the size of government and lower taxes by laying out a clear proposal that will help eliminate uncertainty. These are things that were suppose to be taking place over the last three years, but I guess we’re still on our honeymoon.       

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