Friday, February 8, 2013

Hillary’s War/ Chickified Do or Die- The Art of a Cover-up & Women in Full Combat Mode

By: A. H. Pinley

The day was September 11, 2012. Place was the United States Consulate Building, Benghazi, Libya. September 11, or 9/11 holds a lot of value for different reasons depending on what side of the coin you find yourself on. For me, the value of that day in our nations’ history as I’m sure I’m not alone in this realization that our country is at war with those that hate freedom and reminded me that our world is small place. 

Our American ideals are not favored by those that use fear to corral their people. In fact, these terrorist or some may see them as freedom fighters feel that American freedoms are a threat to Radical Islam’s rule of law, Sharia Law. So that was the prime mover behind September 11, 2001 and the eleventh anniversary. Not some poorly done movie by a guy in California that is still currently behind bars for supposed parol violations or some demonstration that so happens got out of control. 

This is the problem we as a nation face when our leaders, our higher ups have no experience in command or in charge of anything. Military experience is viewed as unimportant and if they do have military experience they use it as a tool to win re-election, but not as a tool to make strong foreign policy decisions. Anyone with any military experience would tell you to remain vigilant, and not get complacent. Complacency along with hesitation kills Americans. 

What causes the “Wizards of Smart” to call this attack anything else but terrorism? I get wanting to have all of your information in order before reporting on an event that took the lives of four Americans, but why run against our First Amendment Right? Why blame America first before our enemies? This administration and a majority of the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) have made it their mission to destroy everything America stands for, because some how America is an embarrassment to them and somehow the Bible, the Constitution, our national colors rails against their true identity, they’re socialist. 

It took far too long for the Obama Administration to get on the same page and call this act for what it is, an act of terror against America. Why such the slow response? Why was so much emphasis being paid to this B-Movie that mocked Muhammad and the religion of Islam? What does it matter?   

I think it’s only appropriate to point out Hillary’s success. Besides how is success measured this day and age? Mrs. Clinton had this to say, “the traditional way of doing diplomacy was not good enough for the crisis the Obama team inherited.” And if we look towards her boss it definitely wasn’t measured by debt reduction, but that’s a different issue. Let’s have a look. 

Under Hillary’s leadership as the Secretary of State, Iraq has not improved, Afghanistan is going back to Taliban control, Egypt is in flames once again, Syria is in the middle of a civil war, Benghazi saw an ambassador killed and the cover-up still carries on, Algeria,  U.S. Embassy attacked in Turkey, not to mention Ahmadinejad has went unopposed to build a nuclear weapon because he has a right to possess such weapon. What can be said about N. Korea? Under Obama and with Hillary, the world has not become less violent, but  less safe. An Arab Spring.       

Anyways, what does it matter? Secretary Hillary Clinton had what we can call an Executive Privilege handed down to her by no other than Obama himself by means of a stomach flu, which turned into dehydration, which led to a bump on the head, then turned into a blood clot in the brain, what are we to believe? Was Hillary Clinton, which is eying a run for the White House in 2016 need I remind you, withholding information that was incriminating and potentially lethal, politically speaking, for the POTUS re-election chances? Was Mrs. Clinton by request of the WH stalling long enough in hopes that the black eye dealt to Obama’s lack luster security and response to such an attack to lose steam? One is left to believe that to be the case, that out of Obama’s dismal foreign policy blunders Americans died on his watch. 

Mind you, the B-Movie guy is still behind bars. And not much will be done to bring those in the WH responsible for such a breakdown in security to any degree of accountability. So using the same vein, Leon Penetta lifted the ban that kept females from fighting on the frontline. I’m totally in favor of the whole idea, but I’m not  in total agreement neither.

Women have been serving in the United States Military in some form or fashion since the American Revolution War, but not assigned to actually being part of the frontline known as a Grunt or infantryman. Ever since this whole equality debate started in Washington, the word equal has taken on a new meaning.   

You see Washington has a way of framing the debate or their decisions on making people feel inferior to others. Envious, like you’re missing out on something big and everyone is in on it. Well my remarks may come across as sexist, but I’ll deal with that. 

When then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the ban on women serving in infantry units would be lifted I think it were more of a feel good decision more than anything. No one in the united states is questioning the patriotism or love for country of women. Like I said this was a feel good move. 

Do women have a role in the military? Sure, just not on a assault team. Doesn’t mean women are any less important or less patriotic than men, it just means they have other roles to fill for the over all objective, mission accomplishment. The military has two primary functions, 1. Mission accomplishment 2. Troop welfare and both of these things risk to be jeopardized in the name of fairness, equality. 

I think it’s important to point out a few things. How would your body function if it were made up of nothing more than right arms? It wouldn’t. So is it safe to say that the left arm is as important as the right arm? The same can be said in this case. Just because women don’t find 0300 next to their name doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable towards the mission as a whole. Infantry can not function without the support element and the command element. Auto pilot works great for aircraft, but in a military setting not the case. 

When we understand that things are not equal when it comes to talking about physical ability, but equal to when filling less stress related roles that pay great value to the over all mission, we’ll be able move beyond this phantom war on women only materializing under Democrat leadership. Men and women are not the same, no matter how much the mainstream media tries to convince you otherwise, we are not the same. 

No offense, but in my humble opinion women don’t belong on the frontline. God bless the United States and those that defend Her.  

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