Saturday, January 26, 2013

No One Is Successful But Through Me

By: A. H. Pinley

Although it’s not all that new, we’ve had a season of redefining. Redefining everything from marriage, to what really makes an illegal immigrant illegal, to what leads people to committing violent crimes with guns (race and ideology), and the true nature of our free enterprise economy. Redefining in order to fulfill an agenda that will forever change the prospective of marriage, immigration, gun control and our economy. 

Not all that long ago our Commander in Chief made a statement while talking to a group of supporters in Roanoke, Virginia that really rocked the sound byte world, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.” 

Then the president proceeded to dig a deeper hole by saying, “because someone invested in roads and bridges.” Like roads and bridges make all of the difference. What came first, the business or the road? An age old question for the modern world. 

The real vulture capitalist are among the Democrat Party, in example, Warren Buffet and CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt. How much does the average employee make at GE or how about those that work for Warren Buffet? It’s none of my business, but sometime ago Ole Warren made it our business when he came out saying why should he be paying less in taxes than his secretary? Well how much does he pay his secretary(maybe $200-$500 k)? And then again, none of my business, but Buffet was challenging the tax code. Mr. Buffet was not completely honest. 

Well, you know Buffet pays himself a million dollar salary just so he doesn’t have to pay all the income taxes on the money his enterprise makes, but that is not my argument. My argument is the notion that the American Entrepreneur can’t get anywhere without the federal government or the consumer. Granted there may be a degree of truth to that, but the brilliant mind behind the idea was all their own. If an individual is able to materialize their idea, their burning passion into something that generates money, my hat’s off to them.

The president followed up with his statement in Virginia with, “They must think they’re really smart, but there are a lot of smart people.” I don’t think that is the thinking of those that come up with a good idea that society wants. I ask, where is the president’s experience in creating a product that society wants? It doesn’t exist. 

Just yesterday (August 11, 2012), Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney chose Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate for assuming the duties of the White House this November. Many on the “Left” scoff at the idea of a Romney Administration to then top it off with “Throw Your Grandma Off The Cliff” Ryan, well that is just plain scary. Well I say electing President Obama to a second term is scary. No fear of re-election. Clearly hasn’t shown any ability to reverse the tide of debt. Sure many will blame the two wars in the middle-east and tax cuts to the rich, but truthfully the president doesn’t possess the know how to get America out of debt or he refuses to do the right thing. 

When did profit become a bad word? Profit, then turned into investment or reinvestment comes in many shapes and forms. It can come in the form of hiring or simply giving an outstanding employee a raise in order to retain their professionalism or their hard work ethic. 
Profits turned investment for the private practice comes in the form of new equipment and first class training so to be at the top of their game. 

Profits also is a companies way of bailing themselves out of a tight spot without the aid from a third party or having to file for bankruptcy protection. Taxing corporations, big or small, mandating that they must pay the employee this amount of money and pay for healthcare eliminates their capital to where now they are more volatile to economic slow-downs. Placing higher taxes on the business owner only translates into three things, less hiring, smaller benefit packages for those that offer them, and high cost passed onto the consumer. 

So with Mitt Romney’s choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, we have two men that are more interested in saving America from economic collapse like we are seeing in Europe. Seeing that the Democrats have had their panties in a bunch since the 2010 mid-term elections, I expect to see more of the same attacks that really never deal with President Obama’s lack luster performance. I have never received a job from a poor man, so why push this narrative? To put American against American. 

God bless America and those that defend Her...   

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