Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser Democratic Style

With a new congress in session and the news media already forecasting the talking points that will be heard spoken from every Liberal News Contributor the next couple of years, we Americans look forward to what 112th Congress can do for America and not further empower the Federal Government. I believe us Americans spoke loud and clear our displeasure of the Obama Administration Election Day November 2, 2010? The American voice has been closed out of all arguments on legislation that hit the floor of the House. We were ignored and called Right Wing Extremist or racist, but we saw we were shut out. The White House, the chambers of the House of Representatives belongs to ‘We the people.’

One of the problems Americans have, they have been conditioned over a course of decades into believing that the Federal Government can provide the citizen with their wildest desires. The Federal Government starting with the president during the great depression, FDR, has made every effort possible to be a god like figure to the masses. 

Since FDR, it has become unconstitutional to recite the Lord’s Prayer in school. It is a criminal offense to hold Bible Study groups on school campuses and now you can probably add reading the U.S. Constitution to that list of being unconstitutional. Many in government are offended by freedom that is offered in the Holy Book and the U.S. Constitution.

The federal government has become too blotted and dysfunctional. In order for our country to be strong in the long run, our government needs to be weakened by reducing the size and control the government holds today. If we as a nation place the power back to where it belongs we will be strong, prosperous, and competitive. That is what was seen on November 2, 2010.

For God and country we must save our nation by thinning out the tree from the top. Prune the government tree by eliminating the dead braches and the braches that hinder growth. Why does the federal government choose to thin out the base that supports this ‘Great Nation’? Every one knows that if you thin out the base of a tree one of two things may happen, 1) that portion of the tree will die and 2) the tree may not be strong enough to weather a storm.

The late Ronald Wilson Reagan once said that “The Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.” Every society needs some form of government, no matter how big or small the society is. So the question then lies what role the government thinks it should play? This gives the federal government no boundaries if the government wants to omit the U.S. Constitution from their principles and daily practices then they’ll do that.     

Cutting $78B and 47,000 U.S. troops from the defense spending is not the problem. All this will do is weaken our forces and prompt congress to re-institute the draft some time down the road. The cuts need to start from the top in the House of Representatives and in the Obama Administration. We can start by cutting the ridiculous number of Czars and aids that went unconfirmed behind close doors.  

I discovered a great message for us Americans in a unsuspecting movie, WALL-E. It took a child to force me to watch with them only to find out that it had a big person message stowed away in it. If we continue to allow people to tend to our every need we will get complacent and lazy and when we are faced with making a decision on our own we’re lost.   

Bubbles anyone? We had the bubble where new sites and sounds were popping up over night and becoming the latest crave among pop culture. Then we had the housing bubble that really brought our Great Nation to Her knees. If you wanted a house, but couldn’t afford it, well you’re in luck because the government will insure you get that house you can’t afford. Now we have what I call a Federal Government Bubble.

 This bubble is the nastiest bubble to come down the aisle. Big government does nothing to grow the economy. Big government, unlike big oil, drains money out of our system. This bubble needs to be cut down to size, starting at the top.

To close I would like to encourage my readers to take back our government by writing your elected representative. Encourage them to cut back spending and the power hunger this beast known as the federal government is displaying for all to see. Encourage them to trust the guidance the U.S. Constitution offers, much like the Holy Bible guides us. Those that shriek away from these two founding documents are afraid of being exposed for who they really are. Keep the faith. God bless the United States.

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