Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fairness for the Criminally Insane

I would like to first send out my deepest sympathies to the families that were forever affected by this horrifying attack on innocent life. It will take many years to recover from the loss of love ones and the images of horror. The day will not make sense and segments of time will be missing, but rests assure America will be there to embrace you. God bless those families.

It has been one week since Jared Lee Loughner acted out his 3 year old deranged deadly obsession on Arizona Representative Gabriel Gifford. The loss of innocent life was of no concern to Jared. It is still unclear what triggered his two month plan to commit this heinous act and I’m afraid there’ll be little new detail over the next few months, but that did not stop the Liberal media from attacking the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

Reading a local Liberal newspaper “The New Times”, the journalist insist that with tougher federal gun laws and the reversal of Arizona’s concealment law this tragedy may have not occurred. The problem with that assertion is the law applies to the law abiding, not to those that consciously make the decision not to comply. So we still have an issue here.

If this crime was commit partly due to Arizona’s lax gun laws, and legislation comes down to strengthen those current laws, will we be able to avoid another tragedy such as in Tucson? Chances are no matter the law, people with the means and intent to commit harm to another will carry out that task. Liberal (Republican & Democrat alike) legislators by the actions of one man want to make it harder for the law abiding citizen to get a gun.

Now, onto what we should expect in the courts leading to the conviction of Jared Lee Loughner. Jared will have an attorney (Judy Clarke) that will plead in front of the jury that her client received little or no treatment for his illness and because of the lack of attention spent treating his illness we wish to have him locked up in a state hospital somewhere, having medication shoved down his throat till his death. So what we have here is a defense attorney that will try passing the blame for her defendants action onto the public saying that we failed him. Mind you, Jared is 22 years of age, a man in my book, a dependent in the Nanny State’s eyes.

Now, onto Jared’s parents and their pain they’ll suffer with for the rest of their life. Are they not victims too? This is their son. To avoid harassment from agitators and news media, it wouldn’t be a surprise to here the Loughner Family move to another state. They will have to change their names to protect their identity and to protect from being identified. They will come to a point to either deny the fact that their son could commit such a crime or divorce their son and say they don’t have one.

In conclusion, Stephen Lemons New Times article is almost like he is asking us to profile people in gun sales transactions. Profiling was wrong during the SB 1070 debate, but now it is okay during business transactions. Mr. Lemons also wants to pass the blame onto others for this mans actions. So now we are asked to not hold Jared responsible for his behavior. Allow the justice systems run its course and if he shall the ‘death penalty’ than let that be his fate.

God bless America and those that defend Her.

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