Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the Spirit of Pro-Choice

Today marks a very grim stake in our American History. January 22, 2011 will celebrate 38 years of women being able to do what they will to their delicate bodies per Supreme Court ruling in the Roe v. Wade trials January 22, 1973. This stance that has been widely politicized has resulted in millions of aborted births simply for the means of birth control.

Throughout the course of world history men have taken it upon themselves to terminate life as if of no value. American Soldiers witnessed the aftermath of horrid acts of a society that felt it was within their right to exterminate millions of Jews known as The Holocaust. In Asia, America learned that millions were killed in Cambodia for what is now known as “The Killing Fields” under the direction of Pol Pot. Not that any one of these terrible cases is greater than another, the sad fact is, how these evil dictators valued other peoples lives.  

Though the number of reported abortions in The United States has declined along with the national birth-rate, we still witness the holocaust that has been declared on the unborn. Plan Parenthood on their home page promotes the termination of in their words “Mistake” with the morning after pill. Nowhere on their site can you find anything directing young ladies to hold on to their virginity till marriage or if you conceive life after having “SEX” then put the new life up for adoption. You would think this would be an option that many would want to explore.

Just a few days ago a doctor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was arrested for the killing of newborns with scissors. With Liberal activist groups fighting to keep Roe v. Wade in power, we fail our society for allowing such unnecessary acts to take place. There are many Americans that are unable to have children that would love to adopt a newborn.

Just last month here in Phoenix, Arizona the Catholic diocese disassociated the Catholic Church with a local hospital for performing an abortion at their facility. Though the fight for whom was right is long from over, one would think that medical advances are advanced enough to not run into the argument that the mother will die if we do not terminate the unborn child. Besides the unborn have no rights yet, right?

In closing, this shameful issue comes down to responsibility. As a society, groups that want to make it easy for individuals to wipe their slate clean by erasing their actions or justifying their unwise decisions have hurt our society. We are eliminating the future President of the United States or the next Michael Jordan or how about the person that discovers a cure for A.I.D.S. When will it stop? Where will it stop? Who will stand up and put an end to legalized abortion?

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