Saturday, January 26, 2013


By: A. H. Pinley

Terrorism: The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.

In the wake of the events that transpired in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday the 14th of December, Sandy Hook Elementary had just begun their school day when an unknown gunman that would later be identified as Adam Lanza forces his way into the secured school shooting and killing the school principal, school phycologist and twenty first grade students, ultimately leaving the surviving children and the community in a state of shock and fear.

Early reports came out that there were two gunmen, but we later discovered it was what Obama would call a “Lone Wolf”. Reports came out that Adam’s mother taught at the school and it was her “Kindergarten” class that was murdered, but today we are hearing that she didn’t teach at the school and it was a first grade class that was taken away from their families all too early and that Adam had issues with the school on an earlier account. 

Why must the media get everyone all worked up by putting out false information on a breaking tragedy? I understand these news agencies want to be the first, but why can’t they say “Developing Story”? Why can’t they get their facts straight before reporting? Why must they insist that they be granted interviews with the families of those that were slain? Where is their humanity? Their ethics?  

Nidal Malik Hasan, Jared Lee Loughner, James Holmes, Javon Belcher, Jacob Tyler Roberts, and Adam Lanza. All of these men carried out horrific acts of terror against innocents. Innocents, not in the term as being faultless, but not provoking the horrific act done against them. 

The investigators will have spent weeks, months and years combing through what evidence they have been able to retain to meet their final conclusion on as to why these men conscience gave into their evil desires. Are these men an example of the human condition, products of a fallen world? Or are these men simply acting out as a product of their environment, their world view? 

Reporting agencies and DC politicians feel that it is well within their duties to capitalize on tragedies committed by people with a firearm. It is always an excuse to advance their anti-gun agenda, because in their eyes, guns take lives. I say, they’re gun shy. 

I would like to approach these cases from a different vantage point. I would like to ask questions about these men’s world view. How do they look at the world? How do they look at other people? What do they see when looking at life? Do they see a beautiful creation? Or do they see, beast that are filthier than all creatures that walk on four legs? We can bat around the idea that some phycologist will be able to trace this back to the increasing violent nature our world seems to be leaning to or I can raise the issue that these men value life as much as those that show how much the abortion lobby values life.

Our society is and has been churning in moral decay. Our standard of to which we are to live, has no base. We as humans have been granted permission to live life in such a way that we now become the ones that set the standard. We are allowed to decide on what moral standards are. That we are never to blame for any of the misfortunes that may come our way, because we have given birth to a practice of blaming someone else for our shortcomings or failures. So in saying that, like those before me in the news media that felt it was in their benefit to go ahead and blame Gabby Giffords assassination attempt on Gov. Sarah Palin, I would like to take this time and blame Detroit’s Big Labor for the violence that was committed in Newtown this pass Friday. 

I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a bit, so bare with me. Though the loss of life in Connecticut, is very heartbreaking, so is the loss of life everyday by means of abortion. 1.2 million babies are terminated each calendar year. We can argue at risk pregnancies, but both you and I know most if not a great majority of them are the result of one, a lack of self control and two, a brutal form of birth control. So, it troubles me to see Americans all torn up over twenty kids when a million lives are not even awarded a chance to take their first breath in freedom. 

Now back to the subject. A lot has been learned about Adam over the last couple of days. We have learned that he was a vegan, was very intelligent and his mother wanted to have him committed. Without a murderer in custody, we the rubber necker of society are left speculating over what made Adam snap. 

Was Adam a victim of lead paint poisoning? Because we are trying to find a scapegoat for this mans actions. Maybe Adam saw that America didn’t really value life at all because of their cries to keep abortion legal, so why would Americans value these lives in Connecticut? Why are we trying to make Adam the victim here? Why are we trying to blame Adam’s mother? What purpose does it serve? 

Be honest. What’s being asked of us here is, we need to look at all mentally ill Americans with a degree of suspicion. The mentally ill are really just mass murders awaiting the green light. And since only mass murders awaiting the green light want to buy guns, we’ll ask these Americans to submit or subject themselves to a sanity screening. The thing is, we’re all a little quirky, some more than others. Are we to believe that those with a mental illness no matter the degree pose a threat? Just give them enough time and the news media can spend days reporting on them. 

If only Adam were born today. Adam’s mother could have aborted him. With all of the advances towards having the perfect child, Adam could have been weeded out from conception. Surely the OBGYN would have picked up on the gene that makes people kill in cold blood. So really this whole thing comes back to Adam’s mother giving birth to him. 

Enough of the blame game. We can attack guns and plead to have “assault” weapons taken off the street, but in Chicago, murder with a firearm still rules the streets. Bottom line is, when you have a society that has shown little value in the least of us, i.e. the fetus, how can you expect value for the rest of us to be extended? Obama and his pawns want to have guns taken off the streets, stricter gun laws, but the federal government can’t even enforce immigration law. I’ll say it again, being a father of two, the tragedy that was dumped on the doorstep of Newtown, I’d wish it on no one, not even my worst enemy. 

God bless the men and women in uniform, and God bless the United States of America. 

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  1. We Americans are being asked to cast aside the teachings of the Lord's word along with the United State Constitution. These powerful documents are being distorted as irrelevant to today's time. Outdated. What these Liberal Socialist want out of us Americans is for us to embrace "Big Government".