Saturday, January 26, 2013

Post-2012 London Olympic Jockeying

By: A. H. Pinley 

For roughly two solid weeks Americans all across the fruited plain have stayed up much later than they should watching the 2012 London Olympics. Cheering on the United States as we, the viewer, sit on the edge of our seats filled with anticipation thinking to ourself, “Will the U.S. pull out another gold medal?” 

Every four years we, the distant spectator, get to observe the summer Olympics and what could be seen as a mid-term Olympics, every two years the winter. This is a time for the many countries that make up the world community to put forth their best athletes to compete on the world stage. We witness meltdowns right before our eyes and on the flip side we see young athletes overcome the ever challenging, the ever so talented competitors become an Olympic Champion in their field. 

Some call these athletes heroes, but I wouldn’t go that far. I would tell a young viewer that he or she can accomplish that level of success too, but if only they are willing to work hard for it. I would tell the young views, this is hard work paying off and for the most part, these professional athletes have devoted their entire life for this one moment. A chance to win an Olympic Gold. 

The level of sportsmanship that is always on display is something we Americans very rarely see with our professional sports here in the States. Some would argue that the Olympics is unfair, because the United States uses professional athletes. Well doesn’t every country scout for the best athlete that would best represent them on the world stage? Somehow, some of these Olympic critics believe that the Olympics should be reserved for the amateur. Who would watch that? 

Throughout the whole competition, the United States and China took the two top spots on the medal count board. China performed to perfection in the diving, the U.S., swimming with passion, but at the end of the day the United States took over the top spot on the medal board. For some Americas, seeing the United States at the top disgust them. While Americans all over the globe were cheering and rooting for America, you have those that would love to see America fail. How sad that is to hear fellow Americans hope and pray America doesn’t come out on top. The American spirit is not alive in all that live in the Greatest Country known to man. 

In the end, the United States claimed the top position in the medal count. Americans should not feel shame for their success, nor should they feel guilty. Do you think Jamaica feels guilty at having the three fastest men alive on their track team? I don’t think so. The United States has set the standard in so many areas that we as a nation must not lower our standard in order to not offend. As of now, Jamaica has set the standard on the 100m and the 200m sprint. That gives Americans something to work toward.    

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