Saturday, January 26, 2013

State of Dependance- The America in a Plastic Bubble

By: A. H. Pinley

Today, on 28th day of June, two thousand and twelfth year of our Lord the United States Supreme Court found the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) found the 2,700 page law indeed constitutional. For America and Her exceptionalism, well that has been swept aside to make room for a bloated, more centralized government. For the supreme court to come out in support out of changing the argument that Obama was saying would be fine to nothing more than a tax is beyond the responsibilities of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court does not legislate from the bench, it is to interpret the U.S. Constitution without fear of public opinion, without political pressure or the image the court is cast in. 

In 2010 when this massive piece of legislation made its way through congress a lot of selling of votes was taking place. Politicians selling their soul for the Obama Administration. The passing did not come without controversy, which was not out of line. The massive bill was not read by the majority of those that were to vote on it into law and it was not read by the Supreme Court Justice. We, the American people received this assurance from then, for good reason, Speaker of the House California Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi left us with these insightful words, “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” You mean to tell me Madam Speaker, you don’t know what you just signed your name to? 

Free healthcare for pimps, prostitutes, street corner drug pushers, for everyone, and oh yeah, even for the illegal (undocumented) immigrant. Free! Free! Free I tell you. The next great plan to drive down healthcare cost and make American more responsible will fund itself without increasing the taxes of the taxpayer. Yeah right.... 

The plan is so good that corporations were awarded exemptions and politicians are exempt as well. If it is such a great piece of legislation, then why didn’t President Obama not run on it up till now? Because it sucks. It guarantees Americans that what crap nanny legislation that is passed in Liberal California and Doomberg’s City of New York will now be imposed on the American People as a whole. 

Obamacare isn’t freedom, it’s a way to channel the herd into one kennel, one option. It’s  a way to create new laws in the name health by outlawing the use of fossil fuels or sugary beverages all the while promoting sex outside of marriage and for kids to explore different sex experiences with those of the same gender or of a greater age. This piece of legislation is nothing more than a gateway to a more restrictive bloated centralized government. 

Covered very little by the always trustworthy news media was that on the same day AG Eric Holder was held in contempt and yes the U.S. Supreme Court shot down a measure that would have made it a crime to claim military awards that were not earned. Another slap to the face of all those that have served. A question to ask yourself when you step into that voting booth this coming November, are we more today as a people than we were four years ago? 

We the people are the last great hope our nation has to offer. It’s long overdue for the American People to regain control of their government. The time is now to throw these bastards and bastardettes out of office, Democrat or Republican.  

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  1. We Americans are being asked to cast aside the teachings of the Lord's word along with the United State Constitution. These powerful documents are being distorted as irrelevant to today's time. Outdated. What these Liberal Socialist want out of us Americans is for us to embrace "Big Government".