Saturday, January 26, 2013

On Race and Slavery

By:  A. H. Pinley

It’s hard to believe after four years in office that President Obama would still be allotted to use the “Bush Card”. Throughout the course of this failed administration things haven’t really gotten any better. For two groups the appearance of the changing tide can be misleading and damaging in the long run, but the President isn’t worried about the long run, he’s only worried about one thing, him. 

The Liberal Left and the “Open Borders” crowd have assumed that all illegals are of latin descent. To assert that racial profiling will dominate while enforcing “federal immigration laws” is to believe that the police department is made up of nothing more than inherently racist by nature “white people”. In some precincts what are the chances of pulling over a person of  latin descent? What are the chances of being pulled over by a inherently racist by nature white cop? 

The problem here is, Liberal America, along with many so called civil rights groups have created this false and misleading image of those that have sworn to serve and protect. A white cop can not pull over a car of Latinos without civil rights groups and newspapers (i.e. Newtimes) calling it racial profiling. Are they not profiling cops themselves? 

With the latest ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on Arizona’s law SB 1070, the ruling was clear, the police have a right to know whom they’re dealing with on a lawful stop. The false image of cops just pulling over to a crowd of Latinos and asking for papers is false. And by activist groups reporting falsehoods in order to keep money flowing in from these “In the Shadows” people is in itself theft. 

The same tactic was used by the Democrats to keep the black community in a modern day form of slavery. The federal government has destroyed the black family through means of welfare and no way out. Black civil rights activist such Jesse and Al have made millions off of the black community by keeping racism in America alive. At some point the individual has to be bigger than the activist that is calling you helpless or weak and vulnerable.

We have been set free by our creator and those among us try to keep those chains shackled around our ankles. One of those people guilty of creating and encouraging people to exercise civil disobedience and not to comply is the, well I don’t know how he would like to be addressed, President or Community Organizer In Chief. By the President coming out stating that the DOJ will not handle calls from Arizona pertaining to illegal immigrants and asking Eric Holder to watch the State of Arizona and their enforcement on illegal immigration has created an unsafe environment for the citizen and law enforcement. Looking for phantom civil rights violations in hopes to further the Alinsky style unrest, President Obama and the Open Borders crowd has taking over immigration enforcement. 

These Dreamers have been filled with an all or nothing mentality. They will become the new entitlement class that believes all is theirs. I support the immigration process, having to go through it myself. We cannot as a civilized society pick and choose what laws we want to enforce. We are a nation of laws and to grant permission for a group of people to sidestep these laws is unlawful and should be called out for what it is, criminal. Our immigration system is not perfect, but when you have so many in positions of influence and power telling those that are in the country illegally “it’s okay, I’ll not only make you some what legal, but I’ll make you lifelong Democrats.” Only more of this illegal activity will take place. So much for the letter of the law.    

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