Saturday, January 26, 2013

Select Moral Outrage or Going Against the Grain

By: A. H. Pinley

On my soap box. Remember the days of America’s past when those that lived life only to go against the grain? The graining being living  a life with high moral standards, principles. Well in todays society, going against the grain has taken on a whole new meaning. Going against the grain today would require man and woman to live their lives with high moral standards and yes, even raise their kids with the same standards in this world saturated with sex and violence. 

If there were a good old wholesome television show promoting abstinence, family time around the dinner table and the children coming clean with their lying or dishonesty, the show would be the subject of public mocking on shows like “The View”, “Real Time with Bill Maher”, and “Late Nite with David Letterman”. 

Is promoting such standards, such as abstinence (which would save the individual a lot of grief later), tough love (instead of wanting to be the child’s best friend, be a parent), or here’s a tough one for many parents, even I, teaching your child how to be a good loser really all that bad? Losing isn’t the end of the road, but a basis, a platform requiring more hard work in the days that follow. You can’t be a good winner unless you’re a good loser. You must follow, before you can lead.

One story that was being reported on last week was a mothers approval of her daughter  having sex with her teacher just as long as it were under her roof. What is the mother thinking? Hey parents, we’re suppose to protect our children from these perverted animals. If he is sleeping with your daughter today, what keeps you from thinking that he isn’t sleeping with other minors? One last thing to add on this, where is the father?

Over the course of, I would say fifty years, the mainstream, pop media have tried their best to splinter the family unit. Putting in overtime to blur the lines that make up a strong family. Some have went as far as redefining “family”. Well, would you dare venture to say that Sweet-n-Low is the same as cane sugar? Not even close. 

We as a society have allowed the American Family to be destroyed. As long as there are broken homes, what ever the reason, the government will have clients. We must not allow morally bankrupt souls to redefine what real moral principles are, a foundation. What Americans need today is to be reintroduced to moral clarity. Sure the move would be viewed by those dearly beloved in Hollywood as hate and going against popular belief. Do you think the majority of the American people like being in the gutter? Being force fed shows like, “Modern Family”, “The New Norm”, or “Grey’s Anatomy” that are geared towards desensitize viewers to the hostage taking of our moral principles. Non-compromising moral courage is what we need. If that means being viewed as going against the grain, then that is the way it will be viewed. Enough of this select moral outrage. It’s fake and misleading. 

Here is an area that perplexes me, abortion. Keeping in the good nature of the second wave feminism movement of the 60’s, abortion somehow has become a constitutional right for the women. I’m pressed to say that those that embrace abortion as a constitutional right have been asked to compromise on responsibility on two fronts, themselves and the unborn child. Plan Parenthood and much of those on the Left would say that anyone that comes along trying to criminalize abortion outside of rape and incest are trying to stamp on the woman’s true freedom over her body. Today we hear this cry as the “War Against Women”. 

Truthfully I ask, keeping in good faith with the abortion crowd would you say abortion is really a mercy killing or a honor killing? 

To close, I find three things in life that are worth fighting for, 1. Conventional Marriage/ Family, 2. The Church, 3. The United States. I suggest reading 1 Samuel 8. The United States is not like other nations and for good reason. We as Americans need to remember what America is about, not what we desire for it to be. The genie in the bottle complex. God bless our great nation and all those that defend Her.    

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