Saturday, January 26, 2013


By: A. H. Pinley

With the 2012 Election looming, the mainstream media is busy creating the narrative and the real issues that matter to “We the People”. Some of these issues that the Obama media is pushing because they matter the most can be found in the Democrat Platform, i.e. labor unions create a stronger America, gay marriage, DREAMERS, federally funded abortion on demand (like it were some movie streaming to your television), religion sensitivity (unless you’re the Catholic Church) and bulletless Marines. 

Liberals, with the help of the Liberal Media, you would believe the real issues that matter in this upcoming election is all the subjects mentioned above, but I think there’s more to it than that. Back in the early days of our young president’s presidency the justification for many of the actions being taken were explained by then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

Well that comment says a lot, not only about Mayor Emanuel, but of Obama as well. You see Obama’s Democrat Party doesn’t hold a monopoly on diversity, they don’t hold a monopoly on compassion, they don’t hold a monopoly on freedom of speech, or on labor. America doesn’t owe the Democrat Party anything. America doesn’t belong to the Democrat Party. 

Liberal America tries to shame Americans into believing they are missing out on something. Something that our neighbors we fled from has discovered generations ago. Socialized living is the way to go, but if we look at the news that is flowing out of that region, they don’t appear to be too happy at this moment. 
It’s as if the parent that at one time took care of every need and every want for the child said, “I’m cutting you off. Just can’t afford you anymore. It’s time to learn how to live on your own.” Of course that doesn’t go so well. How can I live, if I were never taught? 

Under a Liberal agenda, poverty has gone up in the United States. Under a Liberal agenda, food stamp use has went up. Under a Liberal agenda, it’s harder to stay middle-class. Under a Liberal agenda, foreign policy is weak. 

So, when a Liberal shoots from the hip by promoting the “Blame America” first mantra I take offense to that. Somewhere during the course of history, Liberal politicians, Liberal entertainers, and Liberal journalist had signed a waiver to release them from any responsibility of their fire brand work and inflammatory words. It is like their comments have a shelf life of 24 hours. The comments hold a significant value in shaping public opinion in a way that is destructive for the American Way. 

     Liberal America doesn’t hold a monopoly on thought or on public opinion. They can only rely on perception through deception. Liberal America may look all peachy and inviting. They would go as far as claiming to be the “Big Tent” Party if they could, but they don’t like “Blue Dogs”. They are the community and national leaders that believe anything goes when trying to hold onto power. Sell your soul for four or six more years in position of influence. 

This November I will stand on the side with the leaders that stand on the side of America and Her constitution. What we have here in America is like no other. Time to vote the Liberals out and show them that we don’t want it.  

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